Detox Intensive

What is Detox Intensive?

This is a base set of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures with the aim of:

  • removing the toxins from between the cells;
  • detoxification of filter organs (liver, intestines, kidneys, lungs, skin);
  • ridding the body of parasites and other infectious agents.

How is the body cleansed?

Personal doctor. A personal doctor who will compile the treatment program and control the patient’s condition and the successful execution of assigned therapeutic procedures on the daily basis is assigned to the patient. If needed, the doctor will change the program accordingly.

Diagnosis. The program is compiled based on the diagnostic data. To do this, the patient brings with them the results of the tests, which are provided in printouts in Russian with an active validity period. In order to learn which tests you need to pass before the Detox Intensive program, download the Necessary Tests memo.

If needed, the patient can go through all (or some) of the tests here in the clinic. The price of diagnosis is not included in the price of Detox Intensive program.

During the first examination, the attending physician interviews the patient, learning about his complaints and medical history. Additional tests and consultations with profile specialists can be assigned as a result of the interview. Should the patient desire it, the full examination of their health will be conducted with the Check Up program.

In case of contraindications to certain procedures from the program, the attending physician adjusts the treatment program in such a way as to completely ensure the well-being of the patient.

Treatment. Treatment is carried out inside the clinic under round-the-clock supervision of the clinic’s medical staff. Every evening, the patient receives an individual schedule, which lists all the procedures and meetings with specialists scheduled for the next day. With the attending physician’s agreement, the patient can expand the list of these procedures, including cosmetology, aesthetic procedures, baths and spa services, massages and individual sports classes. Combined with body cleansing, the effectiveness of cosmetic procedures and body procedures is significantly increased.

The treatment and therapeutic procedures within the framework of the program begin in the early morning and, with short breaks, fill up all day until 20:00-22:00. Such an intensive schedule allows you to maximize your focus on the healing process.

Consistent and interconnected execution of prescribed procedures:

  • Restores the activity of filter organs (liver, intestines, kidneys, lungs, skin) and cleans them of stagnant bile, mucus, undigested food residues, sand, infectious agents
  • Optimizes the functions of the lymphatic system and activates the flow of intercellular fluid, which removes accumulations of toxins from the intercellular space and restores the purity of the cell’s environment

The combination of these two processes helps to recover natural physiological balance of the body, homeostasis and launch the self-healing mechanisms. The inner reserves of the detoxified organism are more efficient, ruling out the necessity of taking undesired medicine.

To cleanse the body, we use:

  • detoxification treatment for filter organs;
  • techniques for restoring a clean cell environment;
  • lymphotropic therapy;
  • and other techniques.

Therapeutic nutrition. The diet and nutrition schedule of patients during treatment is a means of increasing the effectiveness of the treatment course. An individual diet is prepared for each patient, taking into account intolerance to certain foods.

Usually, in the first three days of stay, during the active liver cleansing period, the patient is transferred to a low-calorie diet. Most patients easily tolerate this period of a limited diet, without severe discomfort. In some cases, characteristic weakness may be felt. This is a non-hazardous phenomenon for the body. The patient's condition is monitored around the clock by medical personnel.

At the next stage, the attending physician and nutritionist begin to bring the patient to a normal diet, gradually expanding its calorie content due to vegetable and fruit decoctions, vegetarian mashed soups and vegetable salads.

The patient continues the process of shifting to a normal diet on his own at home. In this, he is guided by the detailed recommendations of the attending physician and nutritionist

Hydration plan. Throughout the program, the patient adheres to the hydration plan recommended by the attending physician. For this, low-mineralized drinking water is supplied to the patient’s room daily. Its consumption in the required amount allows you to maintain the mobility of blood, lymph and intercellular fluid required for purification purposes.

The end of the program. The end of the program in the clinic is not the end of the entire therapeutic process to cleanse the body. The process of removing toxins from the body will continue for a long time – up to 20-30 days.

At the final consultation, the attending physician provides the patient with comprehensive recommendations, the observance of which will ensure the expected effectiveness of the entire treatment.

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