Weight loss program

What is a weight loss program?

The clinic's specialists have developed a comprehensive weight loss program for women and men. The program includes:

  • diagnostic complex, including genetic testing;
  • treatment and prevention of disorders that lead to overweight;
  • psychological trainings on overcoming addiction and controlling food habits;
  • developing healthy eating habits;
  • workouts with a personal trainer;
  • patient education;
  • post–program support (psychologist – 3 months, dietitian – 3 months).

Important features of the program

Unlike most programs that provide a short-term effect, Weight Loss program at Kivach Clinic allows the patient to get reliable, long-lasting results without stress and damage to physical health. During the program, 4 groups of factors that caused the problem are identified and analyzed:

  • genetic;
  • physiological;
  • psychological;
  • social.

This allows you to:

  • develop an individual strategy to counter these factors;
  • normalize the functioning of the body and put it into the mode of getting rid of excess weight;
  • teach the patient to maintain this new routine;
  • perform an initial correction of the patient's appearance;
  • neutralize bad eating habits;
  • create positive motivation to achieve the goal.

As a result, the process of weight loss and maintaining the achieved result proceeds safely and comfortably for the patient. The psychological stress associated with the need to follow a diet and change the lifestyle is completely excluded. The patient learns to manage their body weight and influence its composition (the ratio of muscle tissue and subcutaneous fat).

During the course of the program, the patient is accompanied and consulted by the following specialists:

  • attending physician,
  • psychologist,
  • dietitian,
  • endocrinologist,
  • cosmetologist,
  • personal trainer

as well as other specialists whose participation is determined on an individual basis.

After the program, the patient is supported by a dietitian and psychologist for 3 months. This time is enough to turn newly acquired skills into a habit.

Weight loss program is designed differently for men and women due to sex differences.

About weight loss program

Course duration: for women-14 days; for men-10 days.
Recommended frequency: determined individually.
Effect: already be evaluated during the program.


  • Weight reduction with a tendency to further weight loss.
  • Establishing control over appetite.
  • Formation of stable motivation to weight reduction.
  • Rejection of bad eating habits.
  • Elimination of emotional dependence on food.
  • Knowledge about safe ways to regulate body weight.
  • Restoration of physical energy.
  • Elimination of the psychological problems associated with excess weight.


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