One of the main factors that contributes to a good health is well organized nutrition.

Leading experts in the field of dietetics and nutrition of Kivach Clinic have developed a number of nutrition programs that increase the effectiveness of the treatment and help to consolidate the obtained results. The choice of nutrition program is determined by the following factors:

  • individual approach (taking into account underlying disease, food intolerance products, allergic reactions to foods);
  • the treatment program You selected (the program "Detox", "Fasting", "General health", "Health 60 plus", "Treatment of infertility", "Weight loss program", "Antistress program");
  • the goal You pursue, when selecting a program (to reduce body weight, increase body weight, increase muscle mass, restore the deficiency of vitamins and minerals, etc.).

Nutrition on “Fasting” program

Diet plan for the weight loss program is not a diet. This is a balanced diet developed by dietologists and nutritionists of the clinic, which provides a safe weight reduction by means of adipose tissue proportion reduction. The basis of the menu consists of cereals, vegetable dishes with and without spices, fish, rabbit and poultry meat.

For each patient diet and daily calories are selected individually, taking into account:

  • - anthropometric data (height, weight, etc.);
  • - patient’s age and gender;
  • - physical activity of the patient;
  • - chronic diseases;
  • - intolerance to certain foods;
  • - allergic reactions;
  • - patient's own taste preferences.

A patient does not feel hunger during the program. The nutrition scheme is comfortable and provides a body with all of the necessary micro-and macroelements. Combined with the therapeutic and preventive measures delivered by the program, this approach allows to exclude the gaining of lost kilograms upon the completion of treatment.