Detox Exclusive

What is included in the Detox Exclusive program?

Detox Exclusive is a perfect combination of the "Detox Intensive" and "Detox Premium", using the latest diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive methods of body cleansing.

Goals of the Detox Exclusive program

  • Early detection.
  • Prevention and treatment of many diseases at the initial stage.
  • Cleansing the body from:
    • endogenous toxins - infectious agents, as well as metabolic products of the body,
    • exogenous toxins - hazardous chemicals from the environment penetrating the body through direct contact with them.
  • Body rejuvanation.

What is included in the Detox Exclusive program?

Detox Exclusive is a perfect combination of the "Detox Intensive" and "Detox Premium", using the latest diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive methods of body cleansing.

Advanced Check Up. In-depth diagnostic program recommended for people over 30 years old. It contains more than 20 medical examinations, including Ultrasound scan of all internal organs and tests for infections, hormones and tumor markers.

Medical consultations:

  • Dermatologist, trichologist.
  • Aesthetic medicine expert, specializing in the French weight loss concept (hardware techniques for body shaping), bioelectrical impedance analysis.
  • Physical therapy doctor, personal fitness program.
  • Dietitian, personal nutrition plan.

Hemoscanning. A research method of a living drop of capillary blood.

The hemoscanning method differs significantly from the usual clinical or biochemical blood test. The usual analysis is carried out some time after the patient’s blood sampling, when all life processes have stopped, and the microflora has already died.

Hemoscanning allows you to examine living blood. The analysis is carried out in the presence of the patient. A drop of blood is placed under a microscope, an image from which is displayed on a computer monitor. The patient sees all the processes occurring in his blood, including the action of parasites.

This method allows to:

  • evaluate the condition of red and white blood cells, platelets;
  • identify the state of chronic intoxication;
  • evaluate blood flow and the risk of blood clots;
  • identify various microorganisms in the blood;
  • detect signs of metabolic disorders;
  • evaluate the state of cell immunity.

Blood chromato-mass spectrometry. A microbiological blood test that allows to define more than 50 microorganisms in one analysis.

A method for the diagnosis of infection and inflammatory processes by markers – special substances that are produced by microorganisms during the course of their activity. These substances are different in chemical makeup from the substance of human cells. For instance, the human body is characterized by presence of a little more than 20 fatty acids. For microbes – more than 200. The method of chromato-mass spectrometry is sensitive enough to determine the presence of microbes in the human body by the chemical nature of the analyzed markers.

Vegetative-resonance test (VRT). A diagnostic method based on the analysis of the spectrum of electromagnetic waves of the human body. It allows to identify infections (bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa, helminths).

This non-invasive method has opened a new page in medicine. Before its invention, traditional Western medicine perceived the human body from the position of a material visible object. However, the method of vegetative-resonance diagnostics offers a different point of view: the human body is a combination of a visible object (made of tissues and fluids) and an invisible electromagnetic field, which can be recorded by special devices (for example, squid magnetometers).

The human body, its organs and systems are the source of weak electromagnetic waves. Such fluctuations are observable and measurable. When pathological processes occur, the nature of electromagnetic waves changes and ceases to correspond to the standard.

A similar phenomenon is observed when the body is exposed to bacteria, parasites, etc. New sources of oscillations occur, that are different from the standard ones.

Comparison of reference indicators and data obtained as a result of examination of a particular patient, allows to reliably diagnose the infection.

The “Imedis-Expert” apparatus with a built-in extensive database, containing the indicators attributed to most known infectious agents (viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, helminths, etc), conducts the examination.

During the examination, the obtained data is compared to these indicators. As a result, it allows to detect hidden infections in the body of the patient.

Vegetative-resonance therapy. A method, based on VRT. The essence of the method is that any infectious agent has its own unique frequency of electromagnetic waves. The infectious agent can be destroyed by selecting frequencies of electromagnetic field entering into resonance with the electromagnetic waves of the infectious agent. This physical principle allows to eliminate the infection, discovered over the course of VRT diagnostics.

Spectral phototherapy. A method based on the ability of low-intensity light sources to emit waves whose lengths fully correspond to the emission range of various chemical elements.

An innovative non-invasive method that allows to carry out the treatment using chemical elements spectra . The effect is produced by light waves of a certain length, which corresponds to the light wavelength of a chemical element.

The treatment is conducted using “Spectro-R” device, which has a set of emitters tuned to the spectra of all trace elements of the human body. The effect is aimed at the reflexogenic areas of the skin and acupuncture points (biologically active points). A special ointment containing micro and macro elements is applied to the skin before the procedure. In some cases, analgesic gels or ointments are added.


Spectral phototherapy provides anti-inflammatory, analgesic, regenerative, biostimulating, immunocorrective, sedative and protective effects.

Xenon Therapy. A treatment method based on the properties of ultra-high purity xenon. In addition to the psychotherapeutic effect, it improves the functions of the heart muscle and brain. Effectively relieves stress, normalizes sleep and helps to reduce the doses of medications used.

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