Therapeutic fasting

What is therapeutic fasting?

Fasting as a treatment is based on a voluntary short-term refusal of food. During this period, the body switches to endogenous nutrition - nutrition from its own reserves. As a result, there is a restructuring of metabolic processes and the recovery and purification mode is initiated. Normalization / decrease in the patient’s body weight also occurs.

Therapeutic fasting in the Kivach Clinic

The clinic’s specialists have developed the Therapeutic fasting program, which is an effective tool for the prevention and treatment of many diseases. Its effect is based on the method of therapeutic fasting and a combination of the following measures:

  • proper fasting schedule under the constant supervision of the attending physician;
  • a set of cleansing and physiotherapeutic procedures;
  • the use of biologically active additives and sorbents;
  • special drinking regimen.

As a result, recovery processes are activated, “diseased” cells die, the final metabolic products (toxins, drug metabolites, etc.) are excreted from the body.

The body is detoxified and rejuvenated.

About the Therapeutic fasting program

Course duration: 14 and 21 days.
Recommended frequency: Once a year.
Effect: can be evaluated during the course of the program.


  • Allergic diseases (drug and food allergies, bronchial asthma, urticaria, atopic dermatitis).
  • Eczema, psoriasis.
  • Functional disorders of the digestive system (irritable bowel syndrome, biliary dyskinesia, functional indigestion).
  • Gastroduodenitis, chronic superficial gastritis.
  • Chronic pancreatitis.
  • Chronic non-calculous cholecystitis.
  • Hypertension of the first and second stages.
  • Neurocirculatory dystonia in mixed and hypertonic types.
  • Chronic obstructive bronchitis.
  • Pulmonary sarcoidosis of the I and II stages.
  • Osteoarthrosis, osteochondrosis, rheumatoid arthritis (with the exception of cases occurring with high activity and corticosteroid dependence).
  • Benign prostatic hyperplasia.
  • Chronic adnexitis.
  • Reduced resistance to psycho-emotional stress.
  • Obesity.


  • Allergic inclination of the body decreases.
  • There is sustained remission of bronchial asthma.
  • The work of the gastrointestinal tract and biliary tract is harmonized.
  • The detoxification function of the liver is restored.
  • Improved microcirculation and blood properties.
  • Blood pressure is lowered and stabilized.
  • Inflammatory reactions are suppressed.
  • Increased immunity and resistance to infections.
  • Reduced joint and back pains.
  • Improved memory.
  • Reduced body weight.
  • The body is rejuvenated.

Premium class accommodation

Kivach Clinic is a harmonious combination of a medical institution and a 5-star hotel. Each room is equipped with an infrared sauna and a treatment room, which allows most of the procedures to be carried out directly in the room.

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