What is urology?

The area of medicine that studies the causes and mechanisms of diseases of the urinary (for men and women) and reproductive (only for men) systems, as well as develops methods of diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of such diseases.

Urology at Kivach clinic

Urology holds an important place in the framework of the main activities of the clinic. Improvement of men’s health is not complete without making sure that there are no urological problems. For this purpose, the clinic’s urologists were involved in the development of the following programs:

  • Infertility treatment (to solve male infertility problems)
  • Health 60+ (consultations for men).
  • Urological Check Up (diagnostic program).
    The clinic's urologist can help with many male health problems, including erectile dysfunction, impotence and male infertility outside of the main programs of the clinic. The clinic has a wide range of tools to treat such pathologies.
  • A device for complex physiotherapy "Andro-Gin".
  • Hardware-software complex "Uroproktokor".
  • A device for physiotherapeutic treatment of erectile dysfunction AMVL-01 "Yarovit".


Ashot Avetisyan

Urologist, ultrasonographer

Ilya Vorobyov

Urologist-andrologist, ultrasound diagnostics doctor