What is pulmonology?

The area of medicine that studies diseases of the lungs and respiratory system. The pulmonologist is engaged in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases of the organs of the respiratory system (trachea, bronchi, lungs).

Pulmonology at Kivach clinic

A visit to the pulmonologist begins with a survey and examination of the patient. The doctor may prescribe various laboratory tests, an examination of the function of external respiration, x-ray examination on a digital x-ray machine.

The pulmonologist will teach the patient how to use inhalers, nebulizers, and spacers correctly. The doctor will provide recommendations for patients with frequent ARVI, teach the basics of breathing exercises aimed at developing respiratory muscles, and the principles of hypoallergenic diet and home.

If the pulmonologist suspects that respiratory disease is caused by allergies, diseases of the cardiovascular system, pathologies of the ENT organs, he/she will recommend undergoing additional examinations. Such examinations may include allergy tests, identification of markers of cardiac diseases and consultations of other specialists, such as cardiologists, otolaryngologists, and allergists.