What is psychology and who is a psychologist?

Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind, its development, and functioning.

A psychologist is a specialist who studies and understands the displays of mental phenomena and their forms of organization in order to render psychological assistance and support the patient.

Psychology at Kivach clinic

This area is a natural continuation of the main activity of the clinic. Improving the emotional and psychological state of the patient increases the effectiveness of means aimed at restoring his/her physical health. To improve the effectiveness of treatment, psychologists of the clinic were involved in the development of several programs:

For patients going through other programs, there are educational lectures on the topic "Psychology of health."

Regardless of the program, patients have the opportunity to seek psychological help to resolve various difficult situations.


  • Classical types of psychotherapy and counseling (Gestalt therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, art therapy, etc.).
  • Audiovisual stimulation using Nova Pro 100 mind machine.
  • The device alters the brainwave frequency. It uses a pulsing sound (earphones) and light (LED glasses). The programs of Nova Pro 100 have a combination of rhythms, tones of a certain pitch, and musical sound effects with kaleidoscopic effects of light stimulation, which contribute to the creation of a positive effect. The results range from energy recharging to falling asleep, depending on the type of stimulation.


Alyona Asadova


Elena Bondarevskaya

Practicing psychologist, gestalt kinesiologist, specialist in the area of gestalt therapy and kinesiology. Member of the Association of Professional Kinesiologists.

Ekaterina Panina

Practicing psychologist, medical psychologist, specialist in the area of medical expertise and individual counseling.

Olga Pankrateva


Elena Romanova