Plastic surgery

What is plastic surgery?

The area of surgery that deals with surgical interventions aimed at eliminating deformities and defects of the surface tissues of the human body.

Plastic surgery at Kivach clinic.

In most cases, clinic’s plastic surgeons perform operations to improve various aesthetic defects of a person's appearance. Such operations are aimed primarily at creating an attractive image of the patient. The second important result, which is provided by surgical intervention of this kind, is the improvement of the patient's self-esteem and emotional state.

A distinctive feature of plastic surgery at Kivach clinic is the opportunity to combine it with body detox programs. Such programs neutralize the effect of toxins, restore cell functions and activate the body's mechanisms of recovery, which reduces the risk of various complications, and shortens the time of rehabilitation. The patients are also offered special programs that accelerate tissue healing.

The clinic is actively developing in the area of men's plastic surgery. When planning such operations, clinic’s specialists take into account a number of nuances that are important for male patients. These nuances include not only physiological features but also issues of a reputational nature.

Plastic surgeon

Aleksandr Zaitsev

Plastic surgeon