What is physiotherapy?

The area of medicine that studies the therapeutic effect of natural or artificially created factors on the human body. Such factors include heat, cold, minerals (halotherapy, mud therapy), gas mixtures (ozone, xenon therapy), light with different characteristics (photo and laser therapy), sound (phonophoresis), electricity, electromagnetic radiation, pressure (barotherapy), water (balneotherapy), physical actions (massages, physical therapy, etc.).

Physiotherapeutic methods are effectively used for the treatment and prevention of many diseases in different areas of medicine - therapy, urology, gynecology, endoscopy, traumatology, ENT, as well as for cosmetic, diagnostic, and surgical purposes. They improve health, strengthen the immune system, rejuvenate the body, restore organs and systems. They are very efficient, have no side effects and minimal contraindications.

Physiotherapy at Kivach clinic

This is one of the key areas of the clinic. It harmoniously fits into the concept of integrative medicine, which involves a combination of simple physical factors and modern technologies.

Therapeutic factors used at the clinic are natural, i.e., native for humans and their environment. Using these factors for therapeutic purposes ensures high efficiency of treatment. In this case, we target not a single organ, but the whole organism, which is viewed as a whole system. This approach increases the effectiveness of each procedure.

The specialists of the clinic are highly qualified and work with a wide range of equipment and naturopathic methods to carry out various physiotherapeutical procedures.

The clinic has the equipment for complex implementation of physiotherapeutic methods - magnetic-laser therapy, laser phoresis, photophoresis, underwater massage, vacuum-vibration therapy, photoreflexotherapy, etc. It gives more opportunities to provide medical and preventive assistance.

Physiotherapeutic methods are universal. They allow to treat a wide range of problems, which is why they are included in all programs of the clinic:


Anna Terenteva