What is osteopathy?

The area of medicine, which considers the disruption of anatomical relations of different organs and body parts the primary cause of a disease. It belongs to manual methods (the methods that use hands). It allows the doctors to eliminate mechanical dysfunctions and activate the process of self-regulation of the body using its internal resources.

Osteopathy at Kivach clinic

Osteopathy belongs to holistic medicine, which involves treating a person as a whole, not just eliminating a particular disease. In this regard, osteopathy is integrated into the concept of Kivach clinic, where specialists view the patient's body as a whole system. This approach makes it possible to apply osteopathic treatment not only as a way of correcting musculoskeletal disorders but also for much more complex tasks.

Osteopathy sessions are included in several programs:

According to the recommendations of the attending physician, osteopathic sessions can be prescribed to patients going through other programs of the clinic.


Elena Kosinova

Osteopath, abdominal manual therapy specialist

Aleksandr Popadeikin


Elena Shishkina