What is neurology?

The area of medicine that studies the nervous system, its structure and functioning. It deals with the emergence of diseases of the central and peripheral parts of the system, as well as studying the mechanisms of disease development, symptoms, possible methods of diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.

Neurology at Kivach clinic

At the Clinic, this area is developed within the concept of integrative medicine. The neurological department has diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive capabilities that combine advanced technologies with methods typical for traditional (evidence-based) medicine.

Clinic's neurologists are co-authors and leading specialists of the Antistress program. This program reflects the clinic's practical and research experience in restoring the patient's health by eliminating the effects of stress and emotional tension.


Fedor Isaev


Svetlana Bagryantceva

Attending physician, neurologist

Olga Borodina


Viacheslav Mashkovskii


Irina Filatova

Rehabilitation doctor, neurologist, plasma therapy specialist, intratissual electrical stimulation specialist