What is gynecology?

The area of medicine that studies diseases specific only to a woman's body, primarily diseases of the female reproductive system. The gynecologist observes the state of the female genital organs, treats and prevents possible complications.

Gynecology at Kivach clinic

Gynecology is integrated into the main activity of the clinic – improving health by neutralizing various toxins and restoring physiological balance. Such integration makes it possible to successfully treat pathologies of the female reproductive system, including female infertility.

Gynecologists of the clinic were directly involved in the development of the following programs:

To successfully carry out their tasks, the clinic's gynecologists are provided with a full-fledged medical and diagnostic equipment, which corresponds to the concept of integrative medicine - a combination of advanced scientific developments and methods of traditional (folk) medicine.


Elena Golovanova

Gynecological endocrinologist, sonographer

Angelina Ulku

Gynecologist, sonographer

Marina Yakovleva

Gynecologist, sonographer