What is gastroenterology?

The area of medicine that studies the human gastrointestinal tract, its structure and functioning, its diseases and methods of their treatment.

Gastroenterology at Kivach clinic

Gastroenterology is of particular importance for the research and practical activities of the clinic. The liver and intestine are filtering organs, and the state of the whole body depends on their health. Disorders of these organs result in a high level of intoxication - poisoning by various toxins that accumulate in the intercellular space, interfere with the normal functioning of the cells and cause various pathologies.

Gastroenterological examination at the clinic is carried out with the help of a full medical and diagnostic complex. This complex corresponds to the concept of integrative medicine and combines advanced scientific developments with the methods of various systems of traditional (folk) medicine.


Tatiana Korepina

Rehabilitation doctor, physician, gastroenterologist

Oksana Krasilnikova

Attending physician, gastroenterologist