What is dietetics?

The area of medicine that studies nutrition, including nutrition for people with various diseases. It focuses on ensuring food safety, as well as nutrition rationalization and individualization.

Dietetics at Kivach clinic

Nutrition is an important component of the patient's stay at the clinic. It facilitates the normal functioning of the body during the treatment. In this regard, dietitians are directly involved in all programs of the clinic and are responsible for tailoring the diet to each patient's needs.

Dietitians have a special role in the following programs:

  • Therapeutic fasting. They ensure that the patient breaks the fasting safely.
  • Weight loss program (for women and for men). They determine possible causes of uncontrolled weight gain, participate in the development of treatment strategies, create an individual meal plan for each day.

If necessary, dietitians will run the diagnostics, analyze the existing problems and develop personalized recommendations for each patient of the clinic.


Aleksandr Anchukov


Tatyana Mirskaya