Xenon therapy

What is xenon therapy?

Xenon therapy is a modern method of regenerative treatment with the use of inhaled inert gas – xenon. Xenon is contained in the air in micro concentrations and extracted from it in non-chemical way. Xenon of ultra high purity is used for procedural purposes.This gas is completely harmless to the body, non-toxic, does not cause allergic reactions. Xenon protects brain and liver, stabilizes cardiac function, stimulates the immune system.


  • sleep disorders;
  • depression of various etiologies;
  • anxiety disorders, panic attacks and emotional arousal;
  • chronic fatigue syndrome;
  • headaches, migraines;
  • chronic inflammatory and degenerative processes;
  • relief of withdrawal syndrome;
  • metabolic disorders.


  • rapid normalization of sleep;
  • significant mood enhancement after the procedure;
  • removal of neurotic and neurosis-like states;
  • relief of panic attacks and anxiety;
  • improving health and vitality;
  • elimination of chronic fatigue syndrome;
  • pain syndromes relief, including migraines;
  • improvement of function of heart muscle and brain;
  • reduction of pathological attraction to psychoactive substances;
  • reduction of medical drug intake dosages.

Advantages of xenon therapy

  • has fast and strong therapeutic effect;
  • is not a chemically synthesized drug;
  • non-toxi;
  • without odor, without taste, without color, does not irritate respiratory system;
  • not metabolized in the body;
  • not addictive and does not accumulate in the body;
  • does not cause allergic reactions;
  • environmentally friendly and safe;
  • it gives the patient a pleasant sensation during and after the procedure.

Application of xenon

Cardiology: works as cardioprotective means, has antiarrhythmic action, therefore, it can be used in complex treatment of ischemic heart disease, hypertension, myocardial infarction, neurocirculatory dystonia.

Xenon can be used in case of obstructive lung diseases, as it improves the permeability of the alveolar-capillary membrane, relaxes smooth muscles.

Surgery: when you need the most secure and well-controlled anesthesia.

In neurology: stabilizes brain blood circulation, may relieve the pain syndrome, psycho-emotional stress, it also has a neuroprotective effect and therefore used in treatment of cerebrovascular disorders, for pain syndromes (after surgery, spine injury, radiculitis and others), in case of organic lesions of the brain (consequences of brain trauma, post-stroke field, consequences of toxic damage).

Has a strong nootropic and anti-anxiety action, xenon helps to relieve acute panic attacks, anxiety, emotional arousal (able to quite quickly cope with these conditions), also when inhaled xenon reduces levels of stress hormones, restores psycho-vegetative functions, which makes applications of xenon in depressive state treatment possible.

Narcology: Eliminates withdrawal symptoms and successfully fights with alcohol and various drugs usage. It is clinically manifested by elimination of pathological craving for drugs, reduction in manifestation of withdrawal symptoms, rapid recovery of physical and mental abilities, better sleep, depression relief.

In sports medicine: xenon helps to increase muscle tone, to concentrate forces, to focus, in general, provides a good opportunity in critical situations.


The technique of this therapy consists of inhalative administration of xenon – oxygen mixture in ratios from 50-50% and up to 30-70%, respectively, 1-2 times per day.

Xenon treatment can be carried out in combination with other (physiotherapy, pharmacological, psychological and other) treatments.

Subjective sensations

During the procedure, the patient may note a feeling deep relaxation, light euphoria, full of relieve of physical and emotional stress and other sensations. The patient is awake, in clear consciousness and can control the process.

The course and frequency of treatments is prescribed by a doctor, given the indications and the patient's health status. Medical xenon does not cause physical and psychological dependence, rapidly excreted from the body, while its effect persists for a long time, which leads to stable remission and recovery.