“Whiskey” wrappings

What is “whiskey” wrapping?

The wet wrapping “Aromaderm” technique from STYX Naturcosmetic is also known as “whiskey” wrapping. It is called so because of the feeling of deep psychological contentedness – a result of altering between warmth and cold, a rush of vigor and energy from the special action of the aromatherapeutic formula consisting of such ”Armoaderm” active ingredients as essential oils and plant-based biostimulants. All the ingredients are acquired by cold pressing the medicinal plants, grown strictly in ecologically clean areas.

  • improved functioning of the nervous system
  • elimination of consequences of stress, sedentary lifestyle and hormonal crises
  • active anti-cellulite, lymphatic drainage and detoxification effect
  • sustained weight loss and figure correction

During the “whiskey” wrapping the tissue temperature fluctuates from 1 to 1,5 degrees which activates the weight loss and detoxification processes.

  • the fat fission process is accelerated
  • the metabolism efficiency is increased by 35-50% (metabolic processes in cells are accelerated)
  • bandage acts as an absorbent, gathering toxins and stagnant products and removing them through the pores

“Aromaderm” wet wrappings

  • Infrared sauna. Boosts microcirculation, lymphatic drainage, increases the ability of active components to penetrate the skin.
  • Application of therapeutic "substrate" (oil-and-ether composition). Provides improved effectiveness to lotions and prevents skin irritation from exposure to the ingredients - lipolitics and thermal activators (oregano, orange, menthol, nicotinic acid).
  • Wet bandage body-wrapping. Bandages are soaked with lotions in accordance with indications: a stage of a cellulitis, concomitant diseases and the stage of figure-correction. Stimulation of microcirculation, lymphatic drainage and detoxification processes.
  • Application of an active cream or gel “corset” (duration of exposure 4 - 12 hours). Provides prolongation of the effect of the procedure, has additional therapeutic properties (lifting, anti-edematous, anti-couperose, angiotonic, tonic etc.).

Expected results from the wrapping course(10-12 procedures)

  • 5-8 kg weight loss
  • 4-10 cm reduced body dimensions
  • decrease in the relief of local fat deposits
  • skin lifting, firming of the body
  • detoxification
  • reducing the old and removing the fresh stretch marks
  • elimination of edema
  • reduction of varicose and couperose
  • control of appetite
  • elimination of psycho-emotional problems
  • a light and flexible body


The wet wrapping technique has minimal contraindications; moreover, it renders therapeutic effect for certain chronic diseases (varicose veins veins, couperose, myositis, neuralgia, osteochondrosis).