Thai massage

Thai massage or "yoga massage"

Thai massage, or "yoga massage" - is a holistic system of healing, including deep pressure on the muscles, passive exercises that resemble yoga postures, stretching, reflexology, joint opening, activating the energy flow in the human body, acupressure.

Unlike classic version, Thai massage preliminary works not with the physical, but the energy body of a person. Muscle stretching - the main part of the classical massage - is absent in Thai massage, where the main impact is made on the energy points or the overall effect.

Thai massage advantages

  • Thai massage - fitness for lazy! As a matter of fact it represents a versatile and safe personal training of muscles, comparable to diligent workout in a fitness club. Spine flexibility and joint mobility are remarkably increased after the massage course.
  • Thai massage effectively copes with stress and fatigue! Deep relaxation is achieved during the massage. All of the problems stay outside of the massage room door, while the head becomes fresh and you are filled with positive energy.
  • Thai massage improves metabolism! The massage improves blood circulation and lymph drainage, and consequently, enhance metabolic and detoxification processes.