What is osteopathy?

Osteopathy is the science, art and practice of prevention, diagnosis and treatment with hands. The method has an impact on the musculoskeletal system, internal organs and the central nervous system and eliminates mechanical dysfunctions, moreover, it starts the mechanism of organism’s self-regulation as well as the activation of its internal resources, which allows its independent recovery.

Most of the appeals addressed to medical institutions are related to functional disorders in the human body. Adverse functioning of any internal organ will inevitably affect the whole body. Osteopathic medicine masters the art of diagnosis and treatment of functional disorders of organs and organ systems.

Osteopathy in Kivach Clinic

Osteopaths of the clinic use the technique that allows to detect abnormalities in internal organs using hands and solve the problem with the help of special techniques that are absolutely painless and safe.

The essence of the method and principles of treatment

The scientifically proven principle that healthy organs have certain sizes, density and temperature lies at the heart of osteopathy. Any deviation from the norm indicates the presence of a disease.
An osteopath has exceptional abilities of emotional, mental and intuitive perception. The essence of his actions on the patient lies in stimulation of body’s phenomenal ability to restore its natural balance.

Osteopath restores metabolism in the problem area, improves the blood supply of the internal organs, eliminates the pinching of nerve endings, corrects the position of the internal organs and muscles, restores joint mobility, and thus eliminates the causes of various diseases.

The goal of an osteopath doctor is not only to relieve you from your problem or its causes, but also to activate the defensive properties of an organism, mechanisms of self-regulation and self-healing that are genetically inherent in any person.