Laser lipolysis

What is Laser lipolysis?

Laser lipolysis with the ZERONA Green apparatus is a procedure for non-invasive liposuction using low-frequency diode laser radiation (beam length is 532 nm).

During the procedure, a low-frequency laser is used in the working range of 532 nm. A laser beam with such a wave length affects the function of the photoreceptors of the fat cell (adipocyte), creates temporary pores in the adipocyte to remove its contents and, thus, ensures the removal of free fatty acids from the body through the lymphatic system.

Low-frequency laser allows to start the process of detoxification of the body, mobilize the process of circulation of fluid in the body in a natural way, emulsify adipose tissue, and also contributes to the triglycerides’ removal and fatty acids from cells. As a result, fat cells are depleted and reduced in size. For surrounding tissues, a low-frequency laser beam is absolutely safe.

The effect of the procedure develops during the first – second week. Clinical efficacy was proven by clinical trials. The procedure is carried out on a large area of the problem zone in a course of 3 to 10 sessions (daily or every other day). The repetition rate of the course is 1 time in 6 months. The duration of 1 session depends on the body mass index (BMI) of a person and on the area of impact (chin area - 15 minutes, session of an impact on the body with BMI up to 30-40 minutes, session of an impact on the body with BMI more than 30-50 minutes).

Lymphatic drainage procedures are recommended – LPG, pressure therapy, and medical packs, to optimize the lipolysis in combination with a laser procedure on the ZERONA Green apparatus (to accelerate the egestion of adipose tissue clevage products). Compliance with the water-intake schedule is mandatory. The patient, generally, does not feel subjective sensations during the procedure. It is recommended to use lead glass goggles from the laser radiation during the session.


  • Body fat in the abdominal, waist, sides, back, hips, buttocks, knees, breeches, hands, chin areas.
  • Cellulitis.


  • Decrease in the volume of problem areas (body fat decrease).
  • Skin texture equiplanation, tissue tension and skin elasticity increase.


  • age up to 16 years and over 80 years;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • acute diseases and chronic diseases in of exacerbation/decompensation phase;
  • the presence of a heart pacemaker;
  • inflammations and skin damage in the affected area;
  • oncology diseases;
  • taking systemic glucocorticosteroid and cytostatic drugs.