What is cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy - is a unique technique of cold temperatures exposure on a body.

Therapeutic effect

Is a piece of equipment where a person is “steaming” in the clouds of liquid nitrogen. A truly comic cold - minus 130 degrees celsius - has a great rejuvenating effect on human’s body and allows to eliminate many chronic diseases.

The essence of therapeutic effect is that the stimulation of the body's defense systems occurs based on the exposure to critical colds. As a result, in order to avoid hypothermia the organism mobilizes all of its resources. It helps to improve peripheral blood circulation and microcirculation and then an active release of hormones from adrenal glands and the pituitary gland occurs. Thus, cryotherapy serves as a certain training for the organism and yet without depletion of its own resources.

Cryotherapy indications

  • prevention of colds;
  • immunity increase;
  • prevention of cardiovascular diseases;
  • prevention of bronchopulmonary diseases;
  • prevention of peripheral vascular diseases;
  • rheumatoid polyarthritis;
  • ankylosing spondylitis;
  • deforming arthrosis arthritis;
  • allergic reactions;
  • skin diseases (eczema, neurodermatitis, psoriasis).