Live blood test

What is live blood test?

Live blood test is a research method of a living drop of capillary blood.

Live blood test differs significantly from the usual clinical or biochemical blood test. The usual analysis is carried out some time after the patient’s blood sampling, when all life processes have stopped, and the microflora has already died.

Live blood test allows you to examine living blood. The analysis is carried out in the presence of the patient. A drop of blood is placed under a microscope, an image from which is displayed on a computer monitor. The patient sees all the processes occurring in his blood, including the action of parasites.

Live blood test in Kivach Clinic

This method allows to:

  • evaluate the condition of red and white blood cells, platelets;
  • identify the state of chronic intoxication;
  • evaluate blood flow and the risk of blood clots;
  • identify various microorganisms in the blood;
  • detect signs of metabolic disorders;
  • evaluate the state of cell immunity.