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Check Up

Check up programs

Check-Up is the examination of a person for the purpose of early detection of risk factors of diseases and asymptomatic diseases. The diagnostic procedure of CHECK UP programs include consultations with highly qualified specialists, laboratory tests, ultrasound diagnostics, electrocardiography and other examination techniques. The conclusion is made based on examination results, which state the diagnosis and detailed recommendations regarding lifestyle and nutrition modifications, future strategy of medical observation.

Basic Check-Up

Annual "checkup" of your body. The Program is recommended as a preventive screening for young adults without complaints and serious chronic diseases.

Advanced Check-Up

In-depth "inspection" of the body, recommended to people over 40, and persons with risk factors (smoking, alcohol abuse, overweight, chronic stress).

Cardiological Check-Up

Special examination, aimed to identify asymptomatic oligosymptomatic diseases of cardiovascular system in order to prevent heart attacks, strokes and other "vascular events".

Gastroenterological Check-Up

Is indicated based on the complaints of the digestive system (heartburn, pain in the upper abdomen, and constipation), diseases of the digestive system (gastritis, peptic ulcer, pancreatitis, cholecystitis, biliary dyskinesia, etc.)

“Excess Weight” Check-Up

Is recommended in the presence of excess weight with the aim of identifying the causes of metabolic disorders.

Oncological Check-Up

Is the body examination, which aims to identify precancerous diseases and malignant tumors. Highly recommended for people with the burdened heredity (cases of cancer and other malignant diseases in close relatives)

Gynecological Check-Up

Diagnosis of diseases of women’s reproductive system.

Urological Check-Up

Diagnosis of diseases of men’s urogenital system.

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